Get wrapped up in Shropshire

As the nights start to draw in you may find yourself considering an indulgent short break away from the usual routine. What you may not have considered is Shropshire as one of the best places to de-stress.

This may be in part because you are unsure where we are (this helpful map opposite will explain just how accessible we are) or because you are unfamiliar with just how much Shropshire has to offer its visitors. A quick trawl through our website may help enlighten and even surprise you.

For in this little known corner of England you will find Medieval Shrewsbury, birthplace of Charles Darwin, Ironbridge birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and Much Wenlock, the real inspiration for the modern Olympics.

And Shropshire’s smorgasbord is fit to bursting with local produce and plenty of great eateries (and plenty of walks to help keep the calories in check). Shopping is a must too, with over 20 vibrant market towns and numerous independent and individual shops to choose from.

Ever since those clever Romans discovered Shropshire as an ideal place for some decent R&R, Shropshire has been offering comfy beds, good food, proper ales and the like to the weary. All served up with the sort of warmth and hospitality that encourages friends to return. It’s a tradition that continues today.

Some people may think Shropshire is a bit old fashioned but we like to think we have simply hung on to what really matters. We think you may too. 

Get wrapped up in Shropshire