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Shropshire - it's a Contradiction

At first glance Shropshire is full of contradictions - birthplace of the Industrial Revolution yet it's an unspoilt rural idyll. Two of the most beautiful medieval towns in England, yet one gave birth to every skyscraper in the world (not forgetting one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Charles Darwin). The other set the pace for the country's Slow Food movement - if that in itself isn't a contradiction. And a small market town became the very inspiration for the modern Olympics.

As you wander around and get beneath our skin, you will find what at first seem some pretty strange and contrary combinations - a medieval cinema, a quarry that is in fact a park, a railway that only goes up and down, to name a few. But this being Shropshire they all seem to, well, just fit together and make perfect sense.

Funny thing about Shropshire, despite or maybe because of all its quirks and traits, its hospitality and welcome have always been top drawer. A little time well spent in Shropshire will certainly be a break from the norm and mundane and surely give you a different perspective. It may even change your whole outlook.

You will find many friendly and helpful accommodation providers offering comfy beds, warmth, hospitality and the like to the weary, so do give them a call or drop them an email - they would simply love to hear from you.

Welcome to Shropshire.

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