Thatch & Sandstone

Trails around Shropshire

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The pleasure grounds of Badger Dingle enclosed us in their leafy green, drawing us back in time.

From Bridgnorth take the A442 towards Telford, turning off for Rindleford and Worfield to Badger village.

We drove between the Severn and the sandstone cliffs, so caught up in the views around us that we almost missed Rindleford. The hamlet's old watermill stood to attention, as if ready for its long-gone machinery to spring into life again. Its power source, the River Worfe, tempted us into a short and peaceful walk beside its banks.

Brightly-coloured pheasants ran across the road and into the fields as we drove on. The spire of St Peter's Church - warm red against the bright blue sky - brought us to a stop in Worfield. We could not resist exploring the village, with its rushing stream and flower covered banks, sandstone cliffs and timbered cottages, before we moved on.

At Badger village we took a path leading off the road into Badger Dingle. Sandstone caves were the backdrop for our wooded walk through the pleasure grounds of the long-gone Badger Hall. The branches of the newly-budded trees reached down to gently touch the valley's pools, the silence only broken by the sound of the waterfalls.

Before we left, we wandered through Badger where the thatch-roofed cottages beside the ponds seemed snapshots of another time. A sign declared 'Fishing reserved for children of the village' and the cries of ducks and moorhens declared that this was their pond too!

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