Myths and Mystery

Trails around Bishops Castle

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Myth and legend filled our minds in the circle of Mitchell's Fold.

The Stapeley Hills Historic Trails leaflet offers longer walks round Mitchell's Fold, the Holy Well and hoarstone Circle.

We drove into the hill country where isolated farms stood proud in the borderland. Through Snead, Churchstoke and Chirbury, we skimmed the Welsh border, heading for Mitchell's Fold.

A short walk along Stapeley Hill revealed the stone-built circle of an ancient people. We wondered about the rituals and ceremonies for which our Bronze Age ancestors built it.

Local legends say a kind fairy once grazed her white cow here, giving enough milk for everyone, one pail at a time. But Mitchell - a wicked witch - milked the cow into a bottomless bucket. As the river of milk rushed down the hill, the cow ran off and Mitchell was turned to stone. The people built the stone circle around her and she has never escaped since.

With our imaginations running wild at thoughts of witches and the mystical stones, we turned downhill and back to Bishops Castle.

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