Mary Whitehouse

Mary WhitehouseIt's a little known fact that Mary Whitehouse, founder of the National Viewers and Listeners Association and staunch campaigner for morality and decency was a teacher in Shropshire.

Mary Whitehouse can be at best described as 'a bit prudish' so it is somewhat surprising that she was actually responsible for sex education at Madley School in Shropshire in the early 1960s.

Her campaign to 'Clean up TV' began in 1963. Faced with stiff opposition, in a society that was becoming increasingly more tolerant and relaxed, she continued her campaign until her retirement in 1994.

Considering that the good folk of Shropshire have always been very relaxed and tolerant we struggle to discover her inspiration but perhaps it was the fact that we hold our old-fashioned values and traditions so dear that helped her to her cause.

Her campaign may have ended but Shropshire has kept its traditions and the good folk of Shropshire are just as laid back as they have always been.