Sir Edward German

1862 - 1936

Sir Edward German

Sir Edward german was an English musician and composer. He was born German Edward Jones in the town of Whitchurch, Shropshire. He was the second of five children. German's father was a church organist and he began to study the piano and organ with his father at the age of five.

At the age of six, he formed a boys' concert band to perform locally. He taught himself the violin, composition and music arrangement.

He went onto sing in the church choir. As a teenager, his parents apprenticed him to a shipbuilding firm as they believed that their son had a talent for engineering. However, his apprenticship was delayed through ill health and he was eventually turned down as being too old to begin an apprenticeship.

German will be best remembered for his extensive range of incidental music for the stage and as a successor to Arthur Sulivan of comic opera fame.