On The Trail of The Real King Arthur in Shropshire

King Arthur in Shropshire

The King Arthur Trail will take you arround various locations throughout Shropshire. You can find out more about the locations featured in the King Arthur trail by using the links below:-

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On the Trail of King Arthur in Shropshire - Trail 1

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Wroxeter Roman City - The Legendary CamelotWroxeter Roman City - The Ledgendary Camelot - Home of King Arthur

Viroconium at Wroxeter was the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. It may also have been the capital of Arthurian Britain and may be the famous Camelot.

The Wrekin - The Fort of Arthur's SonThe Wreking - The Fort of King Arthurs Son

Following Arthurs death around 520AD civil war appears to have broken out between his rival heirs. His son Cuneglasus possibly left Wroxeter for the more defensible site of the Wrekin.

Early welsh poetry suggests that the treasures of Powys were hidden at Much Wenlcok Priory. The treasure being seemingly the Crown Jewels of King Arthur himself.

On the Trail of King Arthur in Shropshire - Trail 2

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Caer Caradoc - Excalibur & AvalonCaer Caradoc - King Arthur & Excalibur

In the ledgend of the magical Cauldron of Di-wrnach, the cauldron is said to contain the treasures of Britain and a magical sword. The cauldron is said to lie hidden in Caradoc's Cave below the summit of Caer Caradoc.

Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle - The Sword in the StoneMitchells Fold Stone Circle King Arthur & The Sword in The Stone

Arthur is thought to have become king by drawing the sword from the stone. According to the eighteenth century antiqarian William Stukeley, local folklore sites this event at Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle.

Old Oswestry Hill Fort - Guinevere's HomeOld Oswestry Hill Fort Shropshire

Although the Welsh name for Old Oswestry Hill Fort means the Old City, there is an alternative name of Caer Ogyrfan which translates as the City of Gogyrfan. Gogyrfan was the legendary father of Guinevere.

Whittington Castle - In Search Of The Holy GrailWhittington Castle - King Arthur & the Holy Grail

Pain Perevil, who built Whittington Castle, was married to Lynette the granddaughter of the Welsh baron Cadfarch, a direct descendant of Owain Ddantgwyn (Arthur). The romance also portrays Whittington Castle as as the hiding place of the Holy Grail which was said to have been kept in the chapel.

On the Trail of King Arthur in Shropshire - Trail 3

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Hawkstone Park - Knights Battle Giants And The Grail Is DiscoveredHawkstone Park & Follies - King Arthur

The Grotto at Hawkstone Park has also been linked with the Grail. In 1920 a small stone cup was found hidden in the base of an eagle statue that then stood in the Grotto.

Baschurch - Arthur's Resting Place

A 9th Century poem names the burial site of the Dark Age King of Powys as the 'Churches of Bassa' - Baschurch is the most feasible location.

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