Caer Caradoc

Caer Caradoc is an impressive 900ft hill that is just east of the Long Mynd and dominates the beautiful South Shropshire countryside and landscape.

It is ideal for those who like walking in areas with panoramic views and there is a marked walking route to the summit. Although not high, a hill-fort was established at the top, possibly during the Roman period. Its defences follow the natural line of the hill and was a stronghold of a pre-Roman tribe; it is also possibly the site of the final stand of Caratacus against Ostorius Scapula, the Roman General.

From the summit you will have splendid views of the alpine-like Church Stretton and Longmynd.

Caer Caradoc is also thought to be linked with the legend of King Arthur. In the legend of the magical Cauldron of Di-wrnach, the Cauldron is said to contain the treasures of Britain and a magical sword. The Cauldron lies hidden in Caradoc’s Cave below the summit of Caer Caradoc.

Also the Welsh tale Culhwch and Olwen tells of Arthur’s search for the Cauldron of Di-wrnach, and in another Welsh story, the Spoils of Annwn, Arthur recovers the cauldron from the mystical isle of Annwn. As both tales appear to have been composed before the first Arthurian Romance, perhaps as early as 900AD, the themes of Avalon and the quest for the Holy Grail were probably based on these early legends.

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